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What are burn contractures?

Burn contractures are mature, thick scars formed after sustaining a second or third-degree burn. When left untreated, the tissue tightens and contracts, limiting mobility in the affected limb.

What issues do children with burn contractures face?


Depending on where the scar tissue is located, children may have difficulty dressing, eating, walking, or playing.


Children can experience discrimination because of their visible scarring, leading to poor self-confidence.


When children are limited physically and excluded from community life, they lack opportunities for a hopeful, successful future.

How does surgery change a child’s life?

  • Mobility can be restored as tight, painful scarring is released.
  • Children can walk, play, regain independence, confidence–and hope!
  • Completing school becomes possible, leading to stability and new opportunities.

Miracles happen every day at Beit CURE Children’s Hospital of Zambia


As Peter’s arm was healing from a painful burn, the skin began to contract and stiffen. Without the use of his arm, he’s unable to help with household chores and his mom worries for his safety. CURE’s mobile clinic referred them to Beit CURE Children’s Hospital in Lusaka. As he recovers from successful surgery, he frequently visits the hospital playroom!

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